The Oman Library seeks to support MEI's Mission to "increase knowledge of the Middle East among citizens of the United States and to promote better understanding between the people of these two areas," by facilitating research and information sharing on all aspects of the broader Middle East region.

The Library houses over 20,000 books and periodicals devoted to the Middle East. Readers will find materials in English as well as regional languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and Persian. Represented topics include culture, history, languages, literature, and politics of the Middle East, Islamic lands, and relevant regions. Those who would like to see what the Oman Library can offer digitally may view the Resource Guides and the Online Catalog.

Through its Digital Exhibitions, the Oman Library highlights its unique holdings, contextualizing the production and circulation of these Middle East texts. These exhibitions include the curator’s commentary, fair use-compliant digitized previews of Library materials, and accompanying bibliographic descriptions. The Oman Library hopes to use these digital tools in order to make these materials available to the public. In this sense, the Library hopes to center not only knowledge produced on the Middle East but knowledge produced in the Middle East by those from or living in the region.